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    Stage I DIY Motors for Jeep Hurricanes

    Product code: Stage-I-Hurricane

    This is the Stage I Motor kit for all Power Wheels Jeep Hurricanes that currently have a 15 tooth pinion on the stock motor. The Stage I kit is a great way to add more torque and speed to an F150 without breaking the bank. It is also the most power you can add without increasing the voltage. Kit includes:

    - 2 Modified Performance 550 motors - The fastest 550 motors designed for ride-ons today.
    - Lightweight metal pinion gears
    - Modified gear ratio for even more top speed
    - Torque sleeves on both motors for more low end power.
    - Quick-change wire connectors that require no soldering to install and allow fast install/removal of gearcases!
    - Bendable motor wire tabs so as not to break as easy as stock ones.

    Motors are warrantied for up to 18 volts. Lithium batteries require using our Lithium Module. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to add the 550 Cooling Fan Kit if you do run 18 volts. Still helpful for 12 volt vehicles too.

    While you've got the gearboxes out we recommend switching to our Race Grease which reduces resistance in the gearboxes. This allows more top speed and cooler running motors.

    Just like when modifying a real car, modifying a Power Wheels voids all warranties. If you have made any non-MLToys modifications to your car you should reach out to our tech support first to check compatibility. MLToys bears no responsibility for damage to vehicle, persons, or property incurred by modifying a vehicle. Be Smart, Be Safe, and Have Fun!

    Installation Videos are in the Product Pictures.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    nick pirrone
    new gear boxes

    Everything was neatly packaged and the product was installed well.

    Stage 1 gears jeep hurricane

    Goes great on pavement, does not hardly move in reverse. Also i had an issue today the children ( -100lbs) were riding and smoke started coming out of the driver side gear (area, plastics were on when i left it) so, idk if it is wiring after the motor or in the motor it was left to air out until tomorrow. Might be my issue or the products but do not know. Other than this it was running great and if its my wiring issue i would buy the stage 2.

    Jim C
    Motors did not last

    Multiple purchases from MLToys including batteries, gearboxes, and performance motors. Motors were broken in according to instructions but usually stopped working after two or three uses. No issue with batteries or gearboxes but very disappointed with motors after multiple replacements.

    Joseph Wheelman
    New hurricane motors

    Grandkids haven't tried out the new motors but the motors and gearboxes were delivered quickly and installed easily with all connectors supplied by ML Toys. At the same time I installed the brake retarder and am hopeful it reduces some of the strain on the new motors.

    That updated two Hurricanes. Now on to the two Dune Racers!!!

    Christopher DiChiaro
    Decent quality, easy install, nice speed increase

    One of the original gearboxes was stripped out on my son's Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane so I replaced everything with this kit. Install was easy and there is a nice speed increase which he really enjoys. It works fine with stock batteries for use (internal 30A breakers). Unfortunately we also purchased the "Extended Run Time 12V Battery w/Power Wheels Connector" which did not turn out to be a good move...although I have that working now with some modifications (see separate review).