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    Can changing the grease in my ride-on car really make it faster?


    Ride-on manufacturers use an "OMG sticky thick" grease in their gearboxes which causes a lot of resistance inside the gearbox. Spin your gearbox by hand and you can feel that you have to overcome the grease like stepping in bubble gum.

    We actually worked with lubricant specialists to create a grease SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR HIGH-SPEED PLASTIC-GEARED TOY GEARBOXES. It's a lithium grease that will coat the gears and REDUCE RESISTANCE significantly. Your gearbox will spin freer allowing your motor to accelerate quicker, reach higher rpm's, and reduce strain on it!

    MLToys Racing Grease has been tested in below freezing conditions and desert temperatures not to break down. It will not need to be replaced or reapplied in the life of your vehicle.

    One order includes a Tub-O-Grease with enough to do 2 gearboxes.

    1. Clean all of the original grease out of your gearbox. MLToys grease will not adversely react with your old grease so it's not a problem if you can't get every last bit cleaned.
    2. Using your finger, apply Racing Grease lightly between the teeth of all of the gears. The smaller teeth gears are more important to lube well. It's ok if you don't coat every single tooth as it will circulate around the gearbox.
    3. Put a small amount of grease on the shafts that the gears spin on.
    4. Do not grease the portion of the output gear that the axles spins on. That part is exposed to the elements and will attract dirt if it is lubed.
    5. Reassemble the gearbox without the motor and spin the output shaft by hand for a minute until you can feel the grease is distributed evenly. Some of the grease will fling off the gears but a lubricating lithium residue will be left behind - speed!
    6. Have fun!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Pete Sondergard
    Gearbox grease

    This grease is definitely better than the OEM grease.

    T Pender
    Good stuff

    No issues.

    Works good

    It is definitely nicer than what remained in these old gearboxes. Everything is smooth as butter now. No issues with the gearboxes overheating with 775's an 24v.


    High Speed Race Grease

    Jesus Gomez

    High Speed Race Grease