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    These modifications are for the do-it-yourselfer who is trying to convert a vehicle for more speed but there's no kit specifically for it. These kits are generic in nature and in some cases require some level of ingenuity or fabrication from you, the mechanic on the job. Once purchased we will give as much support to help you achieve fit as possible but can not guarantee success and these kits are not returnable. Please read the How To Guide before planning your build to avoid frustrations and wasted money.

    Upgrade Options

    Cars with 1 gearbox: We recommend starting with the 18v Conversion Kit / Speed Control with 18v option / 2 Phoenix Gearboxes, and a pair of 550 Performance motors with 15 tooth pinion option.
    Cars with 2 gearboxes: We recommend starting with the 18v or 24v Conversion Kit and Speed Control with matching voltage option. Run your stock motors on that for 18v and you'll likely be happy. If you burn out a motor you can upgrade to our performance 550's or 775's later. For builds going right to 24v you'll want the 775 motor setup.
    Extra Large Size and 4wd Cars: Unfortunately our experiences with modifying them and watching customers attempt to modify them have been fruitless. We don't recommend using them as a platform to modify.

    Pinion Gears: The pinion is the gear that attaches to the motor. If you're changing motors then you'll need to select the same pinion gear tooth count that your stock motors have. Stock ones are not re-usable. If your pinions are not 32 pitch you will need to find a source for them.

    Gearboxes: We offer our Phoenix Gearboxes, the only ride-on gearboxes specifically designed for durability at higher-then-stock levels of speed. They will directly fit where any Power wheels #7 or 7R gearbox fit. All other cars may need to do some trimming / fabricating to sit them in place. We offer a solid rear axle and hollow rear axle option based on what your car uses.

    Motors: Our electronic speed control unit lessens the strain on motors. Many customers have success using stock motors with our 18v system. Our Performance 550 motors will give 10-15% more speed then stock ones. If you're wanting to run 24v you'll need to change to our 775 motors. For 775's you will also need either the 550 to 775 Universal Mounts or 550 to 7R / Phoenix Motor Mounts.

    Tires: Our Phoenix gearboxes are designed to work with Power Wheels brand tires. If you have another brand you will need to fabricate a fit or swap tires. We do not sell tires.

    Lighting: If your car is 12v or more you can use any of our lighting products (see the Lighting category). If you're over 12 volts be sure to get one of the voltage reduction modules.