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    The 24 Volt Realtree UTV by Dynacraft is the rugged yet stylish set of wheels your young outdoor enthusiast needs! This powerful two-seater ride-on has high, low, and reverse gears, and can reach a safe but exciting top speed of 5 MPH. It comes with working suspension springs designed to eat up the bumps out on the trail and realistic UTV sounds to add to the feeling of mechanical authenticity. The 24 Volt Realtree UTV by Dynacraft is ready to ride your young explorers into hours of outdoor fun!

    Upgrade Options

    These upgrades are for the Dynacraft 24v UTV

    Our 24v battery pack will almost DOUBLE the run time of your car! Plenty of room under the seat for it. Can easily be secured with double-sided tape or a homemade strap. Go with the Spade Connector option and take the connector from your stock battery or go with the Soldered Connection option and get one of our Male Connectors (linked on the battery page) and swap your vehicle over to it. Works with your stock charger.

    Use our Red LED lights to get your tail lights working. Tap into the small red/black wires with white connector located under the seat. Easy peasy.