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    Young drivers can race into all sorts of adventures in this super rad Power Wheels Baja Trailster ride-on toy from Fisher-Price. Featuring a mounted light bar and cockpit that fits two riders, this vehicle is designed to handle rough backyard terrain with its sturdy steel frame, rugged tires and supportive metal sidebars. The vehicle’s multi-terrain traction drives on hard surfaces and grass, and its two driving speeds make it easy-to-use for different skill levels.

    Upgrade Options

    We love this chassis. It's durable. Good for on-road and off-road. And it takes modifications really well. We've designed upgrades for all speed levels and budgets. Here's some good package ideas based on past customer happiness feedback (we call it Dune Racer but the Desert Racer and Baja Extreme are the same vehicle inside):

    1. Stage I Kit - So your kid blew a motor you want to spend just a little more to get a little more out of the car. The Stage I Kit is exactly that. You'll get a 10-15% speed gain and have all new motors start with. If your stock battery is worn it may pop the breaker, so be prepared to replace it if needed with our longer run time 12v that has a higher amp fuse.

    2. Stage III Dune Racer Kit, 18v Battery Conversion, Ride-On Speed Control - This combination will give you about 60% more speed and more run time. The 18v Conversion Kit fits right in 90% of the battery compartments. The other 10% of owners will just need to trim some plastic tabs off inside the battery compartment (see image in the product description). This is the most speed you can add to the car without more major work to fit 24v batteries. Some folks start with just the 18v Conversion Kit, use that til the motors die, then do the Stage III upgrade. The optional Speed Control will give you a variable throttle and brake pedal system just like a real car. Plus no more wheel spin.

    3. Stage IV or V Dune Racer Kit, 24v Battery Conversion, Ride-On Speed Control - Max it out! More then double the speed of your car with the Stage IV Kit and 24v Conversion Kit by taking advantage of the extra compartment in the nose. So there's a bit more wiring to do but everything is plug n play and the video instructions show how easy it is to do! The optional Speed Control will give you a variable throttle and brake pedal system just like a real car. Plus no more wheel spin.

    We recommend a Brake Reduction Module with any speed upgrade unless you have hills to contend with or have the Ride-On Speed Control.

    Light it up! These cars look HOT with lighting added and it's not hard. Use your imagination selecting colors and placement! Go to the Lighting Kits section to see more options!

    Go to the Stock Replacement Parts section to find your original equipment parts needs!