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    Young drivers can create their own exciting, 'off-road' adventures with the Power Wheels Racing ATV ride-on! This sporty vehicle looks just like the real thing and features an awesome drive system that can power over rough terrain at a max. speed of 6 mph forward and 3 mph in reverse! And with a parent-controlled, high-speed lockout and Power-Lock brakes, you can feel good about your little racer zooming around on this rad ride-on.

    Upgrade Options

    These upgrades are for Power Wheels brand Quads that started life as 12 volts like the Kawasaki KFX and Brute Force. They're extremely capable off-road vehicles and can handle the tallest of young riders. There's a ton of YouTube videos showing kids on modified quads. Here's some of our techs' recommendations based on the happy responses we've had from customers and the budget you've got to work with. (ATV's hve Hollow Axles if your product choice asks).

    1. Stage I Kit - So your kid blew a motor and you want to spend just a little more to get a little more out of the car? The Stage I Kit is exactly that. You'll get a 10-15% speed gain and have all new motors to start with. If your stock battery is worn it may pop the breaker, so be prepared to replace it if needed with our longer run time 12v that has a higher amp fuse.

    2. Stage III Kit and 18v Battery Conversion - This combination will give you about 60% more speed and more run time. On the Stage II the "cooling fans" option takes more work to install on these cars then most want to do, so the standard heatsink option is most popular. Some folks start with just the 18v Conversion Kit, use that til the motors die, then do the Stage III upgrade.

    3. Stage IV or V Kit and 24v Battery Conversion - Max it out! More then double the speed of your car with this combo. Definitely the most popular way to go. Helmet recommended.

    We recommend a Brake Reduction Module with any speed upgrade unless you have hills to contend with.

    Light it up! These cars look HOT with lighting added and it's not hard. Use your imagination selecting colors and placement! Go to the  Lighting Kits  section to see more options!

    Go to the   Stock Replacement Parts  section to find your original equipment parts needs!