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    Modifications so your kid can have the Fastest and Coolest Power Wheels on the block!

    About Us

    Modifications so your kid can have the Fastest and Coolest Power Wheels on the block!

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    When your kid got his first Power Wheels he was so excited. But a few months later it's sitting in the garage because it isn't fast enough or doesn't have power for hills or needs lighting for those early sunset days. Now you're back to struggling to get your kid to want to play outside.

    Enter MLToys. In 2009 we saw the need to improve the quality, performance, and enjoyment that kids can get from their ride-on cars. Our team of electrical and mechanical engineers design faster motors, stronger gears, and more powerful batteries that are specifically for the demands of ride-ons and the torture your kid will want to put them through. We've created lighting kits, gauges, and lots of other add-ons to keep your kid at play longer and going faster. A full time staff of employees work to answer tech support emails, develop new items, build products, and ship orders daily from our 3000 sq ft Race Center.

    But we aren't just here to make Power Wheels better. We strongly believe in the need for kids (and parents) to learn how to work with their hands. To learn basic mechanical and electrical skills in a safe setting. Something our public education system has dropped the ball with. So all of our kits are designed for your average parent and kid to be able to install together, including simple instructions and videos to follow. We want every parent to be their kid's hero and every kid to laugh with excitement the first time they get in their new ride!

    Get started modifying your kid's Power Wheels and bonding more with your child today! Start by checking out our How To Guide to learn what modification path is right for your budget and need for speed! Then see what options we have specifically for your car in the Upgrades by Vehicle section. And if you don't see it there then don't hesitate to search around the site to make your own custom creation!