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    24 Volt Motor/Gearbox/Battery Combo Pack

    Product code: 24-Volt-Combo-Pack

    This package combines our 775 High Performance Motors, Phoenix Gearboxes, High Capacity 24v SLA Battery pack, and Fast Charger. It is for all Powerwheels vehicles that came with 7 or 7R gearboxes (except Dune Racers. See separate listing for them). Perfect for giving new life to an old ride on a budget.

    The Stage IV kit is specifically designed for vehicles running at 18 or 24 volts. The Massive 775 motors provide insane amounts of torque for off-road and handle 24 volt loads without a care. The weakest link in the gearbox, the First Gear, has been replaced with a hardened steel first gear which also has 2 ball bearings for maximum efficiency. The thicker-then-molasses stock grease has been replaced with our Teflon Race Grease designed to coat the gears and shafts to make them more slippery and create less heat buildup. The gearbox housings and remaining gears are a new, durable design developed by MLToys' engineers. This setup is for die-hard speed addicts only. Installation is simply removing your old gearboxes and putting your Stage IV in its place. Kit includes:

    - 2 massive 775 size Modified Motors with Internal Cooling Fans pre-installed in gearboxes.
    - Torque sleeves on both motors.
    - Quick Connect Motor Wires
    - 2 Hardened Steel Pinion Gears with Lifetime Warranty*.
    - 2 Hardened Steel First Gears with Lifetime Warranty*.
    - 4 Steel Ball Bearings.
    - MLToys Teflon Race Grease for even more speed, motor durability, and more run time.
    - 2 MLToys Phoenix Gearboxes including stronger nylon gears, improved lubricating, stronger housings, and low friction race grease.
    - Fully assembled! Just swap out with your stock motor/gearboxes and follow the break-in instructions!

    Hollow Axle - F150, Hurricane, Dune Racer (and all variants), some new quads
    Solid Axle - Wrangler, Escalade, Mustang, Corvette, McQueen, Porsche GT3, Arctic Cat, and most quads

    The 24v Battery Conversion kit converts any 12v grey battery Power Wheels to 24 volts and allows you to go back to 12 volts whenever you want. It also increases run time 33% over the stock battery. Includes a 24 volt charger that will recharge the batteries in 6 hours. Indicator light to let you know when batteries are charged and conditioner so you don't ruin the batteries over the winter.

    Kit Includes:
    2 of our 12v 12amp batteries wired to 24 volts with 40 amp fuse and Power Wheels style connector
    1 24 volt charger-conditioner w/ Power Wheels style connector

    Spade Connections or Soldered Connections:
    Spade connections give you the flexibility of easily changing a single battery from your pack to replace a bad one or change to a different voltage.
    Soldered connections give the strongest physical attachment and the best possible electrical connection for reducing amperage draw.

    You must measure your battery compartment for fit. Each battery is:
    Length: 5.95"
    Width: 3.96"
    Height 3.74"
    They can be put side-by-side, end-to-end, or standing on edge.
    If your battery compartment doesn't have this much room you can trim it larger or consider using our 24 Volt Dune Racer Conversion Kit instead which separates the 2 batteries into 2 different compartments.Measure for fit. You can also trim your battery compartment if needed or use our Battery Extension Cord to move them to a different location. Be sure to use 24v capable motors.

    Combo Kits only ship Priority Mail inside the U.S. Orders placed with other methods will be switched.

    Just like when modifying a real car, modifying a Power Wheels voids all warranties. If you have made any non-MLToys modifications to your car please reach out to our tech support first to check compatibility. MLToys bears no responsibility for damage to vehicle, persons, or property incurred by modifying a vehicle. Be Smart, Be Safe, and Have Fun!

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