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    Matched Pair of 550 12-18v Performance Motors

    Product code: Matched-550s

    This is a matched pair of our 550 High Performance motors. The ONLY 550 motors designed for the weight and torque demands of a power wheels and able to run at 12 to 18 volts. They will fit in any vehicle using 550's motors with no modifications. Just unbolt your old motor, install the pinion gears on the new motors with a set screw, and bolt them in. These motors will add significant speed over stock motors. With each pair you get:

    * Steal Ball Bearings inside the motor at each end to reduce heat.
    * Torque Sleeves around each motor to add more low-end power.
    * Internal Cooling Fans for extended motor life.
    * Quick change motor connectors for easy installation.
    * Bendable motor wire tabs so as not to break as easy as stock ones.
    * Installation and Break-in Instructions

    Select Aluminum Pinions when using stock first gears. Will not work with Hardened Steel First Gears.
    Select Hardened Steel Pinions when using stock first gears or Hardened Steel First Gears.

    Pinion gears from factory stock motors are not re-usable and require a 1.5mm allen wrench to install. Blue threadlock recommended.
    If you're not sure what size pinion gear you need just look on your existing motor.

    Motors are warrantied for up to 18 volts of SLA batteries and 18 volts of power tool batteries when using our Lithium Kit. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to add the 550 Cooling Fan Kit if you do run 18 volts. Still helpful for 12 volt vehicles too. We strongly recommend using our Metal First Gears when running 18 volts.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Seth McDaniel

    Put these motors and 15 tooth pinion gear in the 7r phoenix gearbox and it works awesome and the kids love it

    Patrick Weich

    Everything perfect

    Mark Browne
    Great Stuff

    All their stuff is great with fast shipping. 🏁🏁

    Motor on

    Used these motors to bring a free power wheels back to life, keeping it out of landfill.