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    18-20v Lithium Soft Start Low Voltage Module v 3.0

    Product code: Lithium-Kit

    This kit will allow you to use 18 or 20v lithium power tool batteries in your Peg Perego, Kid Trax, or Power Wheels brand 12 volt ride-on. It solves 2 of the big problems that people encounter when trying to just wire a lithium battery directly in:
    1. The module has a low-voltage cutoff that many tool batteries do not have one. If you over-discharge a lithium battery it won't charge again and may catch fire. With this module the LED lights up and an alarm sounding at 15.5 volts. When the voltage drops below 15 volts for 60 seconds the power will shut off. Make sure this voltage minimum is within your battery manufacturer's guidelines.
    2. The initial "punch" that a lithium battery sends through the motors, gears, and switches normally destroys them. The module has a "soft-start" that gradually applies power to the wheels over a few seconds if it senses there is too much amperage surge. A regular voltage reducer will not stop the initial punch and limits top speed. You'll still have the same top speed with this module. The wheels will still be able to spin on pavement too. In high traction areas the module will be limiting that initial amperage surge which does all of the damage. That's where you'll see reduced wheel spin.

    Things to be aware of before using lithium batteries with or without this module:
    A. A cheap quality or old battery may swell or even catch fire regardless of this module. This is because of the high amperage demand of a ride-on car. If the battery isn't capable of providing it then bad things can happen. The heavier the car or tougher the terrain the higher the amp demand is. This module will not prevent those problems.
    B. You still need to use motors and gears capable of 18-20 volts of power.
    C. The soft start feature is not adjustable. This module will only work for 18-20v lithium batteries. Any higher and it will fail. You can tie multiple 18-20v in parallel for more run time at your own risk so long as they are the same brand, volt, age, and amperage.
    D. Secure your lithium battery holder and this module to the car with double-sided tape, screws, hot glue, or whatever works for you. Bouncing electronics is never a good idea. The larger the space the better the module will cool.
    E. You can use our Voltage Reduction Module to connect our Lighting Kit in your vehicle. Attach the module on the black and white wires leading from the module.
    F. This module is compatible with the Brake Reduction Module.
    G. Lithium batteries usually have a much lower amperage rating then an SLA battery. Stock Power Wheels batteries are 9.5amps. The lower your amperage the less run time you'll get. Plus increasing voltage reduces run time. We still prefer SLA batteries for kids to get the most fun out of ride-ons for this reason.
    H. This unit is not waterproof.
    I. Unplug when not in use. To monitor the battery voltage requires a miniscule amount of voltage. But if left plugged in it will eventually drain the battery.

    Please select the battery adapter type for your battery. If you are going to use your own adapter it MUST have at least 14 gauge wire or larger. Smaller wire can lead to failure or fire.

    *This kit is designed for:
    A: Power Wheels brand ride-ons that started as 12v and do not have their Smart Drive system (examples of compatible vehicles include: Arctic Cat, C7 Corvette, Porsche GT3, Dune Racer, Desert Racer, Baja Extreme, Escalade F-150, Hot Wheels Racer, Jeep Hurricane, Power Wheels 12v Jeep Wrangler, Kawasaki KFX, Brute Force, 12v Quads, and Mustangs without Smart Drive).
    B: Kid Trax 12v vehicles.
    C. Roll Play 12v vehicles.
    D. Peg Perego 12v vehicles.

    A 40 amp self-resetting circuit breaker is included with this kit.

    It is CRITICAL that you follow the installation video linked here. Please watch the video BEFORE PURCHASING. If you have any questions along the way please contact us GoFast@MLToys.com before applying power.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Cut the battery connector off of the car about 4" from the connector. Set connector aside.
    2. Strip 1/4" of the cut wires back to expose the copper wire. Insert the wires into the connector with the black and white wires directly opposite the corresponding colors.
    2. On your lithium battery adapter insert the black wire into the wire connector opposite the black wire already in it.
    3. Crimp a round blue spade connector onto the red wire. Attach it to either post of the breaker and tighten nut.
    4. Cut the 4" of white wire off of the battery connector. Insert one end into the wire connector opposite the red wire already in it.
    5. Crimp a round blue spade connector onto the other end of the white wire. Attach it to the remaining post of the breaker and tighten nut.
    6. Plug the white connectors into the lithium module. They only fit one way.
    7. Remove the red wire from the connector. Twist the copper from the yellow wire with the copper from the red wire and re-insert them into the connector together. Plug the yellow wire into the module.
    8. Secure the lithium module and battery adapter to the car so they don't bounce when riding. If you need to add extra wire to make a good mounting place you can do so. Just be sure to use at least the same size wire or larger.
    9. Test the car. If forward and reverse are switched then swap the black and white wires from Step 2.

    Installation Videos are in the Product Pictures.

    The purchaser of this product must understand that MLToys bears NO liability in damage to a vehicle or property, or injury caused to a driver or pedestrian, caused by lithium batteries or the driving related incidents. Never leave a lithium battery plugged in when not in use and never allow a child to use a lithium battery unattended.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Travis Mullen
    Works Perfect

    This works perfect and was simple to install. Customer service is the best I’ve seen anywhere.

    Aleksandar S.

    Works great!

    Justin Garchinski
    Easy Installation

    Glad I added this last second to my order. Son’s rubicon is up and running and safer than ever. Thanks for all the support and ease of doing business and upgrading the PW!

    Spike Dall

    Works as it should, easy to install.

    Will Germond
    Great product

    I ventured into aftermarket powerwheels-land and it has been eye-opening. However, ML Toys makes it easy and their product seems like good quality. It was easy to install and is a must-have for using my DeWalt batteries in the powerwheels.