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    Ride-On LED Lighting Kit for 12v, 18v, or 24v models

    Product code: LED-Lighting-Kit

    You don't need to be an electrician to add lighting to a ride-on car anymore! Our universal lighting installs with some simple hole drilling and attaching wires as indicated in the simple instructions. No soldering or electrical calculations required. Wire as many LED lights as you want into this system as your heart desires. Our LED lights are BRIGHT and will not reduce your run time. See the examples shown on the MLToys website and then send us your pics once your kit is installed! With hundreds of these kits in use today don't let your kid be the only one left in the dark!

    Kit includes:
    - 2 White 23mm LED's pre-wired for headlights or foglights*
    - 2 Red 23mm LED's pre-wired for taillights*
    (If you want colors other then red and white put a note in the order comments and we'll gladly switch them out with our other options).
    - 1 On/Off switch for the dashboard or center console
    - 2 Power Distribution Blocks that accommodate as many lights as you add with no soldering.
    - 2 Splice connectors to tap into your vehicle's power without cutting the main wires!
    - 6 feet of extra wire (in addition to 3 feet on each LED already).
    - Complete easy wiring diagram and instructions.
    - MLToys Customer Support if you need help.
    * You can add on as many of our additional LED's, underglow LED's, and Knight Rider LED's as you'd like. They are sold separately on the Mltoys website. Light 'em up!

    If you're running your vehicle at 18 or 24 volts be sure to add on our Voltage Reduction Module so you don't blow LED's. Instructions included in the lighting kit. Again, no soldering required. If you are using our Electronic Speed Control you don't need the Voltage Reduction Module, just use the 12v output.

    - Drill with bits up to 3/8"
    - Utility knife or Dremel Tool
    - Wire cutters/strippers
    - Electrical tape
    - Common Sense
    - Phillips Head Screw Driver

    Installation Videos are in the Product Pictures & sent in print.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 197 reviews
    eric garcia
    Great product!

    Great quality and detailed instructions. I would highly recommend if looking into some lights for your ride on.

    It works, but a bit of a pain to install.

    I almost knocked it down a star for this, but an install that should have been easy wasn't because the cables coming off the LED's had the gauge of human hair. I realize that LED's don't need much juice, but good Lord these were difficult to work with. If the cables were of a thicker gauge, it would have cut the install time in half. Every difficultly I encountered was directly related to these bonkers thin wires. I'm proud of myself that I didn't teach my son any new words.

    Once installed, they're bright, and it's a great little kit. It allows us to take cruises around the neighborhood after dinner.

    Andrew "Speedy" McLovin

    Works as advertised. Wires are super small, be prepared to deal with that.

    Jared Heckman
    Great kit

    Had everything I needed, and it all installed smoothly. Kids love the headlights and taillights that we used these for. Handy for when it's getting dark and he's still out drifting in the street.

    Lighting Kit

    I wish the wires on the lights was thicker as they are really hard to work with but they function as intended.