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    Matched Pair of 775 Performance Motors

    Product code: Matched-775s

    This is a matched pair of our 775 High Performance motors for ride-on cars. They will work on any brand of vehicle that comes with 775 motors and on all Power Wheels 7R gearboxes with no modifications. Just unbolt your old motor and bolt in the new one*. These motors will add significant speed over stock motors and are designed to run at 18 to 24 volts of SLA Battery power. Some customers do run them at 36 volts happily but we do not test nor warranty them for it. With each pair you get:
    - Torque Sleeves around each motor to add more low-end power.
    - Internal Cooling Fans for motor longevity.
    - Hardened Steel pinion gears options.
    - Bendable motor wire tabs so as not to break as easy as stock ones.
    - Quick disconnect motor wire connectors.
    - Installation and Break-in Instructions.

    *If you are installing into a Power Wheels with 7R Gearboxes you will need our 775 to 7R Installation Kit.

    If you're not sure what pinion size you just need to count what's on your existing stock motor. Your stock pinion gear is not re-usable. New pinions require a 2mm allen wrench to install. Blue threadlock recommended.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Jason Kneale

    Bloody amazing motors. Great despatch times and send all the way down under to New Zealand.
    Love your videos!!

    William Colosimo
    775 Performance Motors

    For what we are using them for they are doing great.

    Mark Browne

    Matched Pair of 775 Performance Motors

    Kyle Briggs

    Matched Pair of 775 Performance Motors

    24v Goodness

    The boys love these with 24v. With the smoother tires, full throttle just spins the tires and drifts the truck around. Now I just need to upgrade to the higher speed gears next year. :D