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    Stage V 66T Steel First Gears & 22T Pinions w/ Steel Ball Bearings

    Product code: 66T-22Tx2

    This gear combination is for the hard core top speed addict only. It will fit in our Phoenix Gearboxes and in 7R Gearboxes that stock used a 15, 16, or 17 tooth pinion gear and with 775 motors. This combination changes the final drive ratio to the highest possible top speed of any ride-on today. It is for on-road use only with no passengers in the car or there may not be enough low-end power (leading to fuse blowing).

    The First Gear is the weakest link in a Power Wheels 7R Gearcase. This is the solution. We designed this gear with a leading American gear manufacturing company to be so strong we offer a Lifetime Warranty* on it. The gear is made from one solid piece of stock, heat treated, and has holes to cut weight. The steel ball bearings reduce friction, heat, and resistance making for the most efficient gear possible.

    To install this gear in a 7R gearbox you will have to sand the black finish off of the shaft that it spins on. Do not sand the black finish off of the portion of the shaft that installs into the gearbox housing. Clean the grease off the first gear shaft, then mark the base of the first gear shaft. Pull it out and put the portion of the shaft that was stuck in the gearbox into a drill. Spin the shaft on 120ish sandpaper, stopping every few seconds to test fit a bearing. The bearing must slide smoothly all the way to the mark you made. In a Phoenix gearbox you just put it in.

    When using 775 motors you must use the 775 To 7R & Phoenix Mounting Kit linked on this page.
    Will NOT work with stock Power Wheels motors... it will tear up their pinion gears.

    If you are replacing a stripped nylon first gear you will need to replace the grease too as it is contaminated with plastic fragments.

    *See our Warranty page for details.

    Installation Videos are in the Product Pictures.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Kyle Briggs

    Stage V 66T Steel First Gears & 22T Pinions w/ Steel Ball Bearings

    Michael Miller
    40v dune racer

    So with your dual 750 motors pinions and metal first gear grease and brake reduction is plenty fast and works great in low speed. I know it voids the warranty but I'm very satisfied with all the products. The cooling fans were not needed on your product as they do not overheat at all with the heat sinks. But I was able to utilize the fans on a F-150 with 24 volts and it did the trick on stock motors to keep them from overheating too much.

    Max M
    Wicked fast

    Installed it pretty quick and the kids reaction was awesome.. seeing their faces light up as they went. With 2 kids on the dune racer they were able to reach 8mph according to my oldest holding phone ( looking at the speed)

    Jesus Gomez

    Great quality

    david davila

    Stage V 66T Steel First Gears & 22T Pinions w/ Steel Ball Bearings