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    Level III 1969 Bronco Upgrade - 18v 2 Modified Motor/Gearbox Kit

    Product code: Level-III-1969-Bronco-Upgrade

    This kit converts your stock 6 volt single motor/gearbox 1969 Bronco into an 18 volt machine with 2 motor/gearboxes using our Performance 550 motors. This means more than triple the speed and traction! And we've still managed to increase the overall runtime too! This kit will bring the truck from 3mph to about 10 mph. It is the maximum safe speed for this vehicle. Because this setup pushed the motors to their maximum it is for On Road use ONLY.
    Kit includes everything you need to make the conversion as pictured:
    * Wired Motor/Gearbox Assembly with MLToys Performance 550 with steel pinion gear
    * Second MLToys Performance 550 with steel pinion gear for your existing gearbox
    * Driver Hub
    * 18v 12a SLA battery
    * 18v Charger using the same vehicle charge port
    * Assorted mounting hardware
    * Instructions
    * Brownie not included. Brownies make everything better!

    If you have made any other modifications to your vehicle please contact us first for compatibility.
    Please watch the video to make sure you're up to the installation. Nothing too hard and printed instructions are also included.

    This kit only ships via Priority Mail in the United States
    International Customers shipping methods can vary.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    KidsTrak CAT upgrade

    Everything worked out great to perform this upgrade on similar type of ride on. Instruction videos were great and email help was helpful. Thanks

    Curtis Griffin
    6v to 18v

    Just a dad helping his boy feel the wind in his hair! The conversion kit arrived promptly and was an easy install. The kit made a significant difference and was worth the money.

    clint snead
    Worked Great - Briefly

    The kit was great and really improved the performance but after 4 or 5 charges the whole system is down.

    James Johnson Jr
    Level III

    PRODUCT is INSANE…. I had to install a seatbelt cause this trucks moves with a purpose. I got the whole neighborhood watching as my son rules the street….. these other parents better step up their game cause with this 18v kit…. We are turning heads!! Awesome product


    Level III 1969 Bronco Upgrade - 18v 2 Modified Motor/Gearbox Kit