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    Level II 1969 Bronco Upgrade - 12v 2 Modified Motor/Gearbox Kit

    Product code: Level-II-1969-Bronco-Upgrade

    This kit converts your stock 6 volt single motor/gearbox 1969 Bronco into a 12 volt machine with 2 motor/gearboxes using our Performance 550 motors. This means more than double the speed and traction! And we've still managed to increase the overall runtime too! This kit will bring your car from 3mph to about 8mph.
    Kit includes everything you need to make the conversion as pictured:
    * Wired Motor/Gearbox Assembly with MLToys Performance 550 with steel pinion gear
    * Second MLToys Performance 550 with steel pinion gear for your existing gearbox
    * Driver Hub
    * 12v 12a SLA battery
    * 12v Charger using the same vehicle charge port
    * Assorted mounting hardware
    * Instructions
    * Brownie not included. Brownies make everything better!

    If you have made any other modifications to your vehicle please contact us first for compatibility.
    Please watch the video to make sure you're up to the installation. Nothing too hard and printed instructions are also included.

    This kit only ships via Priority Mail in the United States
    International Customers shipping methods can vary.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Drew O’Hara
    Fun Times

    The kit and instructions were easy to follow and install. The upgrade performs great, just what I needed.

    Nice Upgrade

    I bought the level 2 upgrade for my grandkids' Bronco. The stock Bronco was so underpowered it would barely move. After installing the kit & completing the proper break in I was immediately disappointed at the power, especially after what I paid for it. On the 2nd ride, one motor started smoking & was barely turning. I contacted MLT & was sent a replacement quickly.

    At this point I had no expectations for the Bronco & was considering getting rid of it but I gave the new motor a chance. After a number of rides to be sure, I can now say this is a great & needed upgrade for the Bronco. With the replacement motor the Bronco performs very well & there have been no further issues at all. The initial lack of power must've been from the defective motor.

    This kit is a must & easy to install. MLT has great customer service too

    Daddy O
    Excellent Product

    The you tube instructions and parts are solid. I have no special electrical skills and I got it done.

    The car has power now, and the kid loves it. Uphill, short grass… we got power.

    Be mindful that the level 2 upgrade is fast on concrete. I’m healthy enough to catch up, but it’s the pace of a an 8 min mile. If you can’t do that, then get level one upgrade or wait until kid can stop when you tell him to. We went with level two and in a park or field you are good to go even with a two year old.

    It’s made a 100 dollar car faster than the the 400 dollar Big Wheels. Great purchase.

    Matt Schmitt

    Worked as should!


    Took a chance and bought this to spruce up my sons now three year old Kid Trax Paw Patrol Chase police car, and I bought a matching 2nd black gear box to keep both gearboxes ratios even, as the black gearbox was advertised to have a 10 tooth motor gear and for whatever reason the single white gearbox the car came with had a 12 tooth motor gear.

    With just minor Dremel modifications to fit the battery, drilling three small holes on the left rear wheel for the wheel adapter, and a few shims (metal washers) on the rear axle to properly space the motor out to the wheel adapter, and the break in procedure, the car screams now. It is a very fast walk or a slow jog to keep up. And all of the original lights and horn and siren still work perfectly.

    Side tip for the Chase car I cut some notches in the front subframe to increase the turning radius it easily doubled the turning radius there is no indication of wanting to tip even on a hard turn full speed with the new dual motors