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    Four Point Safety Harness

    Product code: Safety-Harness

    Teach your child the good habits of using a safety belt with our 4 point harness specifically designed for ride-on cars. The 4 point attachment gives the look of a race car and is easy enough for your child to operate on their own unlike carseat belts. The wide polyester straps are resistant to UV wear and resist stretching from water exposure. One clip easy on and off. Very simple installation with a Dremel tool or other cutting device to slot the seat in 10 minutes. Follow the video installation instructions linked on this page.

    This harness does not replace safe driving techniques and common sense. Be sure to properly adjust your harness' straps as shown in the installation video. Driver and parent assume full liability for any injuries sustained while operating their ride-on car.

    Kit includes one 4 Point Harness for one person and mounting hardware. Seat not included.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Torr Dodge
    4 point safety harness

    These actually worked really well in my Daughter's wrangler build we are doing, just modified the OEM seat and roll bar, installation took less then a hour, also added bonus points for cool factor

    Scott Granger
    I put two of them in.

    Installation took.... less than 30 minutes. I cut the holes with a drill and razor knife. ML Toys provides a video on youtube for where to cut the slots. I set everything up while my little girl handed me the parts... :-)

    Bryan Pfister
    Great parts and the whole idea in general

    I first off think the idea of making a power wheels faster is pretty cool, and the idea of actually making aftermarket parts so they function safely and properly is just great. I have an autistic daughter and she loves her power wheels and makes her happy and so it makes me happy. She loves her dune racer, and we have plans to supe up the hurricane jeep (we blew the motors on) to the full extent with the big motors, gears, and lights. Bought the harness for the jeep,because I had to steal the seatbelts from it to put in the dune racer as they don't come with seatbelts. Anyhow I never had a power wheels as a kid(always wanted one), and playing around with them and modifying kinda brings me back..... I'm a mechanic by trade so the upgrades are super simple for me, but their videos have great instructions for those who may not be as mechanically inclined and make it easy to understand. Great products and very reasonable prices on kits and upgrades.

    ralph davis
    Excellent harness

    Got this for my 1 year old little girl so she could ride passenger with her big sister and it fits great with lots of room for growth!
    Highly recommend

    Christopher Rivera

    Worked out amazingly for my little girls.