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    Product code: Thrust-Bearing

    Replace the washers on your axles with Thrust Bearings to add just a bit more speed, efficiency, and reduce motor amp draw. It's not a huge gain, but could give you that competitive edge. And that's why it's only $1.70 per wheel.

    On front wheels put between the wheel and steering linkage to reduce the friction rub. Do not put the cap nut on so far that it binds. Leave just a hair of play.

    On rear wheels put between the wheel and cap nut / axle nut to reduce the rear axle spin. Rear axles are not supposed to spin and increase resistance on the motor when they slip in the chassis. Adding thrust bearings will reduce or eliminate this occurrence. Do not put the cap nut on so far that it binds. Leave just a hair of play.

    Will not work on hollow rear axles.

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    Axle Thrust Bearing


    Axle Thrust Bearing

    Scott Bridges
    Hard to gauge value

    They're thrust bearings used in a low precision application so it's hard to determine whether they will make much difference. BUT, I'm all for bearings where moving mass is concerned. Less friction is better.

    Carter Drake
    Nice product, but check your axle first

    Bought several of these to install on a power wheels f150 I got cheap for my daughter. Wish I would've seen the single little sentence at the end of the description about hollow axles, and checked the axles on the rig first. Sure enough they don't fit the hole axle on the back of her f150. Maybe you guys can start selling thrust bearings that fit them?

    Regardless, they are a good product, just wish I could've used them. Because of the low price, I'm not even mad I bought them. I'm sure I can find another use for them or save them for another rig.

    Richard Mull

    Axle Thrust Bearing