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    36 Volt Conversion Kit * RACE ONLY *

    Product code: 36-Volt-Conversion-Kit-01

    This battery pack is the ultimate in top speed for any Ride-on. It is for Ride-On drag races, oval races, and tractor pulls ONLY. Extended run times like that in typical daily use will cause motors, gears, and switches to fail. Just like a NASCAR motor is only designed to run 501 miles, so this battery pack is designed for when you are in a race and can let the vehicle cool off after a few minutes of run time. It will deliver speeds more then 20% faster then our 24v Conversion Kit, absolutely blowing any competition away! This pack will set a new bar in Power Wheels Races.

    Conditions for use:
    - Vehicle must have a Stage IV Conversion Kit.
    - All switches and wiring must be in brand new condition. We recommend installing new switches before each race day.
    - Rear axle must have NO bend in it. Check it before each race day.
    - No rubber on the tires or modified tire sizes.
    - Helmet must be worn at all times.
    - Not recommended on Quads for safety reasons.
    - Our Voltage Reduction Module will NOT work with this kit.
    - Brake Reduction Module and Dual Motor Temperature Gauge are highly recommended with this kit.
    - All warranties for products used in the vehicle are void once you purchase this kit.
    Just like a real race car, your car must be in absolute perfect running condition. And even so you do run the risk of blowing motors, gears, and switches. This pack pushes your system to the max to give you the max returns. If you are unsure if your vehicle or modifications can support this kit please Contact Us for support.

    The purchaser of this product must understand that MLToys bears NO liability in damage to a vehicle or injury caused to a driver or pedestrian caused by the increased speed of this kit. This kit is for competitive racing only and as such the user/parent/guardian assumes all responsibility when entering a child into a racing event.

    The battery charger will fully charge the battery in 4 hours and will shut off automatically when charging is completed.

    Be sure to measure your battery compartment for fit. Pack measures 7 3/4" wide x 6" deep x 4" high as shown. Batteries can be re-arranged as needed including laying on their side. Battery weight 12.5lbs

    Installation Videos are in the Product Pictures.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Damian Ackerman

    36 Volt Conversion Kit * RACE ONLY *


    Will it work with the gas and break pedal thing

    excellent quality

    Excellent quality, excellent and prompt response from seller. Shipped very quick. Highly recommend. Great experience overall.

    Victor LaVarnway
    36V Kit

    Awesome Kit! Installation took less than 30 minutes in a NASCAR Power wheels and my son was off to the races! We clocked him at around 17mph with a full charge on a soft dirt track.