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  • Underglow Body Lighting - Green

    Product code: Green-Underglow

    Light the underside of your car and see it glow as it goes!

    Plugs into our Lighting Kit or can be wired directly to a 12v vehicle.

    Kit comes with TWO 35" long strips that you can simply tape under the sides of any ride-on vehicle. Can be cut shorter in 3 LED increments.

    Waterproof LED's, flexible strip, low power consumption.

    Installation Videos are in the Product Pictures.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Todd Bordelon
    All parts

    I am currently still building the wiring harness for the car. Adding high low beam headlights, under glow lights, right left blinkers, dashboard customizable lights , brake lights and side markers. I have not gotten to install and test the variable PWM speed control unit or the stage V motors yet.

    So far everything I have installed is working and good. Only one issue. On the stage V fully built motors I received I noticed the drive gear off the motor was binding on the first gear. Found this out while doing the motor brake in procedure last night.

    Is there something you recommend I can do to properly align the drive gear to the first gear contact point?

    joseph walsh
    underglow body lighting - green

    glue could be a little stronger i had to add super glue and had cleaned the underside of the vehicle with alcohol the. water and allowed to dry for a couple days but over all decent product

    Doug Lowe

    Underglow Body Lighting - Green


    Underglow Body Lighting - Green

    Jordan Tilden

    Underglow Body Lighting - Green