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    Stage IV Motors & Gearboxes for Power Wheels Jeep Wranglers

    Product code: Stage-IV-Phoenix-Wrangler

    This is the Stage IV Motor/Gearbox kit for Power Wheels Jeep Wranglers with Two Seats. The Massive 775 motors provide insane amounts of torque for off-road and handle 24 volt loads without a care. The weakest link in the gearbox, the First Gear, has been replaced with a hardened steel first gear which also has 2 ball bearings for maximum efficiency. The thicker-then-molasses stock grease has been replaced with our Teflon Race Grease designed to coat the gears and shafts to make them more slippery and create less heat buildup. The gearbox housings and remaining gears are a new, durable design developed by MLToys' engineers. This setup is for die-hard speed addicts only. Installation is simply removing your old gearboxes and putting your Stage IV in its place. Kit includes:

    - 2 massive 775 size Modified Motors with Internal Cooling Fans pre-installed in gearboxes.
    - Torque sleeves on both motors.
    - Quick Connect Motor Wires
    - 2 Hardened Steel Pinion Gears with Lifetime Warranty*.
    - 2 Hardened Steel First Gears with Lifetime Warranty*.
    - 4 Steel Ball Bearings.
    - MLToys Teflon Race Grease for even more speed, motor durability, and more run time.
    - 2 MLToys Phoenix Gearboxes including stronger nylon gears, improved lubricating, stronger housings, and low friction race grease.
    - Fully assembled! Just swap out with your stock motor/gearboxes and follow the break-in instructions!

    Motors and gears are safe for up to 24 volts. We strongly recommend using Steel First Gears when running 18 volts or more. Not for use with lithium batteries unless you use our Soft Start Low Voltage Lithium Module.

    Just like when modifying a real car, modifying a Power Wheels voids all warranties. If you have made any non-MLToys modifications to your car you should reach out to our tech support first to check compatibility. MLToys bears no responsibility for damage to vehicle, persons, or property incurred by modifying a vehicle. Be Smart, Be Safe, and Have Fun!

    Installation Videos are in the Product Pictures.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Jacob Harris

    Paired these with Lithium Soft Start Module, Brake Reduction Module and 2 DeWalt batteries wired in parallel and the Jeep is unstoppable.. Both my daughters (2 & 3) ride all over our 1+ acre yard for hours. I put 2-part epoxy on some sheet metal screws and screwed them into the back wheels for some extra grip. Once I did that I had to put 10lbs of weight in the front to keep them from flipping backwards when they accelerate lol. Definitely recommend

    Pretty fast

    Bought to replace a busted gearbox and old motors on a 4 year old jeep that has been through heavy use. It's been hauling two kids (40ish lbs each) up and down a steep trail to get to and from the park (total distance of just over a mile). I already had two 12v 18ah SLA batteries wired in parallel, but this would barely make it back home, even on new batteries.

    The parts came quickly and installation was easy. I broke in the motors per the instructions, and had the kids do some test runs. Using the same parallel (12v) setup as before, I did not notice an increase in speed. In fact, the speed probably went down some, even though the motors did seem punchier with the increased torque. However, when wired in series for 24v, the motors really come alive. Not only are they way faster than before, but they can tackle steep hills and even have more range on the same exact batteries. If there is enough grip, it will even do wheelies.

    Kyle Baillargeon
    Excellent Upgrade

    Much much much beefier than the stock units. The motors have way more consistent power going up inclines and the metal gears should really last.

    Dan Cooper
    Work great

    Bought these to retrofit into my old 1989 power wheels Bigfoot. Was mine when I was 2, then passed on to my stepson, and now my own son. I was hoping they would be a direct swap but they weren’t. That was ok though, had to do some trimming to the body, but I got them installed. My 2 yr old loves the truck now. Running it at 12V still since I’m sure 24V will be a bit fast for him. Next summer we’ll upgrade to 24V though.
    Truck has lots of power to climb hills, go over bumps, reverse works great again. They weren’t cheap but my kid is happy and I know with the potential for 24V, he’ll have years of enjoyment with this thing.

    Salvatore Taurina

    A little louder than stock ones, but these are perfect! I no longer have any concern of burning these bad boys out!