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    Stage I Dynacraft Tonka Mighty Dump Truck Motors

    Product code: Stage-I-Dynacraft-Dump-19T

    This is a matched pair of 550 High Performance motors for the Dynacraft 12v Tonka Mighty Dump Truck. These motors will
    add significant speed and torque over stock motors. With each pair you get:
    * Torque Sleeves around each motor to add more low-end power.
    * Built-in Cooling Fans.
    * Quick change wire connectors. Makes motors/gearboxes easy to take in and out of
    * Lightweight metal pinion gears installed on the motors with threadlock.
    * Bendable motor wire tabs so as not to break as easy as stock ones.

    If you want your motors to have a long happy life, a set of heat sinks will help keep your motors cool and fast! Our Heat Sinks fit over the torque sleeve and wrap 3/4 of the
    motor in heat dissipating aluminum fins.

    *This vehicle is affected by a Consumer Products Safety Commission recall. Be sure to get the recall done before modifying it!

    Just like when modifying a real car, modifying a ride-on voids all warranties. If you have made any non-MLToys modifications to your car you should reach out to our tech support first to check compatibility. MLToys bears no responsibility for damage to vehicle, persons, or property incurred by modifying a vehicle. Be Smart, Be Safe, and Have Fun!

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