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    Product code: Emergency-Lights


    This high power LED flashing light kit will set your child's fire or police ride-on car apart in the neighborhood! 6 Bright red and blue LED strobes will clear traffic and show them who's in charge! The control box gives kids the option of 3 different flashing patterns (see video). Best of all... it's easy to install! Just mount the LED's wherever you want with double-sided tape or the provided mounting screws, plug the wire connectors in, mount the control box to your choice of location, and connect to the power wires in your vehicle!

    Kit Includes:
    3 Red LED light bars
    3 Blue LED light bars
    Control Box
    Enough extension wire to run each LED to any part of the vehicle... grill, bumper, tailgate, roof, wherever you want each one!

    This kit is easier to install then our basic lighting kit!
    Needs 12 volt power source. If you're running higher then 12 volts just put our Voltage Reduction Module in-line and you're good to go.
    Does not reduce vehicle run time by any noticeable amount.

    Please watch the installation instructions on the linked video.

    Please obey local laws when displaying and using emergency lights. Not for use in adult motor vehicles.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Pitzer Stoffel
    Great customer service

    This seller really knows the meaning of customer service, very fast to respond. A++++++++++

    Justin Lavimodiere
    My sons favorite

    Despite the speed upgrades, this remains my sons favorite accessory. They were relatively easy to install. Worst part was the uncertainty of having to splice into the stock battery wire. Would be nice to be completely plug and play.

    Matt Freeze
    Awesome product

    My son loves these! The control box is super functional and sturdy enough. It would be nice to have a mounting bracket of some sort for the control box but some zip ties work just fine!

    Works, but will need solder

    So this review is for both kits I purchased. I purchased the basic lighting kit with 2 headlights and 2 taillights. I also purchased the emergency lighting kit. The led lights are clear and bright and look fantastic. I am only giving this a 4 star because the instructional videos both used solder to connect the wires to everything. I couldn't get the wago power distribution blocks and blue cable splicer connectors to work out of the box. I also had a neighbor help me solder everything together. Once that was done, everything worked just fine. As mentioned earlier, the lights are bright and easy to install. And despite the hassle of trying to wire everything, I'd still order these again, because they are just so awesome. Thanks ML Toys for a fantastic product.

    Looks great

    Excited. Nice kit. Especially the voltage down stepper. Recommend