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  • Reusable Wheel Collar for Solid Axles

    Product code: Wheel-Collar

    Stop killing yourself trying to take off cap nuts and then realizing you don't have a new one to replace it. This reusable collar fits all solid axle vehicles front and rear (.437" 7/16"). Just tighten the set screw with a 1/8" Allen Key. For best results file a flat spot to the axle where the set screw will touch and use thread lock on the set screw.

    Not for use on rear hollow axles.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Derrick Mckenzie
    Time saver

    There is a few things i have not done yet with our powerwheels but this is a must have when your doing pw drag racing for quick and easy swaps

    Jared Heckman
    Reusable is nice

    They're nice, especially when test fitting or you plan on having to remove the wheels while working on steering, gearboxes, etc. Note that they do take up more depth than the normal push nut. On my axles the thrust bearings won't fit with these, so I just use them when working on it so I can pop the wheels on or off without wasting a push nut.

    james bentley

    Reusable Wheel Collar for Solid Axles

    Nathaniel B.
    Nice Products and Quick Shipping

    I am very happy with the parts I ordered and they arrived quickly. The project came with good instructions and was easy. I'm glad there is a store like this with all the parts I needed in one place.

    Alex Burkhart
    Worth it

    These are worth getting, I have 3 of the on the kids jeep. Though I would like to see the Allen key be a tighter fit. Even with the right size key it seems loose and the wrong size