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  • 24 Volt 12 amp Battery for 12 Volt Power Wheels

    Product code: 24-volt-battery

    This battery pack turns any 12 volt Power Wheels into 24 volts and allows you to go back to 12 volts whenever you want. It also increases run time 33% over the stock battery!

    Kit Includes:
    2 of our 12v 12amp batteries wired to 24 volts with 40 amp fuse and with a Power Wheels style connector.

    Make sure you have room in your battery compartment. Will fit in all F-150's, Hurricanes, Porsche GT3, as well as most Mustangs and 12V Wranglers. Just unscrew the white battery retainer bracket and toss it aside. Dune Racer and Stinger owners need to trim some of the fins off of the battery compartment to make an easy fit.

    Requires a 24v charger.

    Spade Connections or Soldered Connections:

    Spade connections give you the flexibility of easily changing a single battery from your pack to replace a bad one or change to a different voltage.
    Soldered connections give the strongest physical attachment and the best possible electrical connection for reducing amperage draw.

    Each battery is:
    Length: 5.95"
    Width: 3.96"
    Height 3.74"
    They can be put side-by-side, end-to-end, or standing on edge.

    Installation Videos are in the Product Pictures.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Top Notch

    My new 24v battery just arrived.
    I had to finally replace my old one.
    The great turn around time has my son
    very happy.
    The Kawasaki quad with the ML Toys
    24v upgrade is still running strong going
    on 3 years. A few switches later and that’s it.


    Gives it great power. Easy install

    Jonathan Curtiss
    Upgraded batteries

    Great product and good instructions

    Brandon McDonald

    24 volts and works no complaints.

    Brian Morgan
    24v battery

    Fast shipping, exactly what I ordered
    Good instructions