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If you have two of the same thing, man will try to race them. The employees at MLToys are no exception. We are constantly looking for opportunities to prove that our motors, gears, and batteries produce the fastest and most durable ride-ons in any type of competition.
Our off-the-shelf kits will get you to Victory Lane for most types of races. If you have a custom need or unusual event then please reach out to us to see if a personalized set-up is called for. If you're hosting a race you can reach out to us for event sponsorship. We do not sponsor individual vehicles but do provide help for event organizers.

2016 Talladega Kart Track Power Wheels Race Winner
Stage IV Corvette Motor/Gearboxes and 24 Volt Conversion Kit

Stage IV Drift Motor/Gearboxes and 24 Volt Conversion Kit

Four Stage IV Drift Motor/Gearboxes

2018 Power Wheels Drag Race Winner hosted by Kye Kelley of Street Outlaws
Stage IV Quad Motor/Gearboxes with 24v Conversion Kit

2 Time Winner of the OSCA Power wheels Race
Stage IV F150 Speed Kit

2019 Montrose Colorado Expo Center Power Wheels Races
Stage IV Jeep Wrangler Motor/Gearboxes