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Stage II Motors & Gearboxes for F-150
Stage II Motors & Gearboxes for Power Wheels F150

: $235.00
: $205.00
Savings: $30.00

Product Code: STAGE-II-PHOENIX-F-150

Heat Sink Option

This is the Stage II Motor/Gear kit for all Powerwheels Ford F150's, F150 Extremes, and Raptors that are two-seaters. It has the fastest 550 motors combined with the most durable gears. Easy to install... we've never had a customer that couldn't complete it! Kit includes:
- 2 Modified motors. The fastest 550's made for ride-ons anywhere.
- Motors have Internal Cooling Fans
- Torque sleeves on both motors for more low end power.
- Quick change motor connectors. Makes motors/gearboxes easy to take in and out of vehicle.
- Bendable motor wire tabs so as not to break as easy as stock ones.
- Hardened Steel First Gears running on 2 ball bearings each.
- Hardened Steel Pinion Gears.
- Race Grease for even more top speed.
- 2 MLToys Phoenix Gearboxes. The First Gearboxes ever designed specifically for high speed ride-on use!
- Fully assembled! Just swap out with your stock motor/gearboxes and follow the break-in instructions!
- Written and Video Installation and Break-in Instructions.

Motors are warrantied for up to 12 volts of SLA batteries and are often used with 18 volts of SLA batteries (not wrrantied). It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to add the Heat Sinks option if you do run 18 volts. Still helpful for 12 volt vehicles too. We strongly recommend using our Metal First Gears when running 18 volts or more.

Just like when modifying a real car, modifying a Power Wheels voids all warranties. If you have made any non-MLToys modifications to your car you should reach out to our tech support first to check compatibility. MLToys bears no responsibility for damage to vehicle, persons, or property incurred by modifying a vehicle. Be Smart, Be Safe, and Have Fun!
Stage II at 18 volts
Phoenix Performance Gearboxes
How to Install Staged Motor Gearboxes
How and Why to Break-in Motors

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