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A. Parts manufactured by Power Wheels are not warrantied. To receive a warranty from Mattel on their parts you must purchase them from an Authorized Service Center of theirs.

B. Performance 550 and 775 Motors have a 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects. This does not include failure due to over-voltage (12v max or 550's, 24v max for 775s), broken wire tabs, foreign object intrusion, weather damage, abuse, normal wear, modified tires, or when using motorcycle/automotive/marine/lithium batteries regardless of voltage. Warranty only applicable when used in Power Wheels or Kid Trax brand vehicles.

C. Staged Gearbox Systems - All staged gearboxes are pre-tested before leaving our facility. Steel Pinion Gears and Steel First Gears that come with Steel Ball Bearings have a lifetime warranty so long as the gearbox has not been modified or opened outside of MLToys. Steel Ball Bearings are warrantied for 4 weeks from date of delivery. The Gearboxes and Nylon Gears in the gearbox housings are manufactured by Power Wheels, not MLToys. They have been tested thoroughly by us prior to installing and are not covered under warranty by Mattel or us. But you can get replacements cheap on the internet. The Motors have the Warranty listed in B.

D. MLToys Batteries have a 1 year manufacturer warranty by Mighty Max Batteries from date of purchase if using an MLToys Battery Charger. First take your charged battery to a local auto parts store that does free load testing. Get a picture of their reading if it is bad and contact Mighty Max directly. This may require shipping back (not covered) which we know can be expensive but is often required by the battery manufacturer. MLToys Battery Chargers have a 30 day warranty.

E. MLToys Electronic Speed Control Units have a 4 month against manufacturing defects. This does not include over or under volting it, using batteries that are not SLA style, connecting more then 2 motors, motors larger then 775 size, modified tires, or water damage.

F. MLToys Shifter Switches have a one year warranty replacement when used with up to 24 volts of SLA battery.

Warranties void on vehicles with modified wheels, over voltaged or amperaged motors, when batteries other then SLA chemistry are used, when staged kits are installed on vehicles other then the intended vehicle, when used in combination with modifications not made by/endorsed by MLToys, when used for trophy racing or smash-up derbies, and at the discretion of MLToys.

SHIPPING ON ALL WARRANTIES - If an item needs to be inspected or repaired by MLToys for warranty or non-warranty repair, replacement, and/or inspection the consumer is responsible for return shipping charges unless otherwise noted. MLToys will cover shipping back if the outcome is shown to be a manufacturing problem. Outside of the Contiguous U.S. shipping costs both ways is the consumer's responsibility regardless of fault.

RETURN POLICY: All sales are final so we do encourage you to make sure you're ordering the right part. Of course, should we accidentally ship you a different part then what you ordered we will make good on that. Please contact customer service for more information on returning an item. Thank you.

updated 9/6/20