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If your vehicle isn't listed on the chart below, use the Parts Diagram to determine your gearbox part number.
If you still can't find it, please Contact Us.

7R Gearboxes have a thicker final output gear, different size shafts internally, and are much stronger nylon then the old #7 gearboxes. A gearbox with an orange output is definitely a #7R. Some of the newest 7R's are coming with white output shafts.
Parts and motors from 7R's are NOT COMPATIBLE with older gearboxes.
Experience tells us that if you have one stripped older gearbox, the other is not far behind. Be smart, replace both.
VehicleMotor / Gearbox Gearbox Motor
Jeep Hurricane00968-293400968-282300968-2713
Arctic Cat00968-292200968-282300968-2720
A.T. Rex00968-292300968-281900968-2713
Brute Force00968-292300968-281900968-2713
Cadillac Escalade00968-294000968-281900968-2720
Corvette 2013 and newer00968-295200968-282100968-2727
Extreme Machine00968-2940
Ford F-150's 2006 and newer00968-293800968-2823
Jeep Wranglers with 10" wheels00968-292100968-282000968-2717
Jeep Wranglers with 14" wheels00968-294000968-282100968-2720
Kawasaki model 74110 74110-9519 - discontinued3B style 74550-927974110-9539 discontinued
Kawasaki model J8472 & K045000968-2922
Kawasaki model 73690 made before 1/26/04 - 74110-9519
made after 1/26/04 - 00968-2921
made before 1/26/04 - 74550-9279
made after 1/26/04 - 00968-2802
made before 1/26/04 - 74110-9539
made after 1/26/04 - 00968-2702
Lightning McQueen 6 Volt00968-2939
Lightning McQueen 12 Volt00968-292100968-2820